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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Wednesday's Pleasant Hike

Torrey Yucca west of Tortugas Mountain
Becca and I did much the same hike as yesterday, though we didn't have to rush on the final leg in order to get home to meet a tow truck driver.  We had a nice, leisurely trek west of Tortugas Mountain, and then felt doubly lucky to run into our pal Jimmy back where we parked Whitey the CR-V.

While Becca relaxed in the back of Whitey, Jimmy and I talked desert plants, boneheaded university decisions (like UTEP confirming Heather Wilson as the new president) and knucklehead U.S. government politicians who are certifiably off their nut.  We decided not to discuss our lunatic president, Trump, who, in my opinion, is off his rocker.  Who would insist on saying repeatedly that his father was born in a nice area of Germany when it's indisputable fact that Fred Trump was born in the Bronx?
I believe this is Five-Needled Prickly Leaf (Thymophylla Pentachaeta)

Torrey Yuccas and the observatory atop Tortugas Mountain

Trail through the desert



Claret Cup Hedgehog

Claret Cup Hedgehog

Yuccas in bloom, slope of Tortugas and the Organ Mountains

This and the next 2:  More Claret Cup Cacti

Blackfoot Daisy

Feather Dalea (aka "Indigobush")

Tiny flowers of Desert Sumac

Gambel's Quail male

Same male Gambel's Quail

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

Such a vivid photo of the quail--you can really see all of its beautiful markings.

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