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Friday, April 19, 2019

To the Mountains

Come out, come out whoever you are
Becca and I did a quick hike this morning before returning home to finish packing for an early morning trip to the high country.  We got here about noon, unpacked and ate a late lunch.  Then we went for a walk around the property.

From the look of many of the plants--including almost all of the Scrub Oak--some large mammals (elk or deer) have done extensive landscaping here.  There are cleared-out areas we've never seen before.

Since it's the Easter weekend, and the higher elevations will probably be more crowded, we'll limit our excursions to the 7,000-foot altitude range for the next few days.  The weather should be nice:  low- to mid-70s, nighttime temps in the low- to mid-40s.
Looks to be a Hooded Oriole

Curved rock

Leading the way behind Tortugas Mountain

Torrey Yucca flowers are drying out

Verging on spring

Break time!

Hanging on


Sentinel (male Gambel's Quail)

Haynes Canyon


Becca and Dr. K

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