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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Extra Early on the Far Side

Back side of the mountain
I got up a little before 5 this morning in order to ensure that Becca and I had a relatively cool outing on the Monte Vista side of Tortugas Mountain because there's no shadow to trek in on the east side.  It's a good thing we got that extra early start because there was not a hint of a breeze, and it soon became clear that things were going to heat up rapidly.

Although there was one pickup truck in the parking lot near the ramada we saw nobody during our hike; on the way in, however, the east side parking lot started getting a bit crowded, mostly with vehicles bearing mountain bikes.  As we headed down the very last leg of our trek we saw a mountain biker just starting off as well as two hikers who were meandering in a counter-clockwise direction around Tortugas.
Becca and a Sotol

Sotol flowers blooming

Ocotillos greening the desert

Sotol and a long view

Don't know what this fern is

The Beckster

Cactus Wren with breakfast

Finding shade


The trail that got us here

Taking a break

Sun through Torrey Yucca

Organ Mountains and Bishop Cap


Another view of the Organs

Vista of the Organs

Gap between the Organ Mountains (left) and the Franklins near El Paso

The Ocotillo at left has a new flower

Said flower

Spot the white cross

Down to the lower desert


Desert between Tortugas and the Organs

More greenery

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Dr. K said...

I wonder what that cactus wren was having for breakfast?

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