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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Loving the Osha Trail

Haynes Canyon
Dr. K, Becca and I got a very early start on our drive up the mountain this morning in order to hike the Osha Trail, which is one of our favorites in the Sacramentos.  It did not disappoint.  Perhaps due to recent heavy rains the trail was absolutely loaded with Prickly Roses, way more than we'd ever seen before.  It was like a rose paradise up there.  Plenty of other plants were blooming as well, as evidenced by images here.

We saw nobody else until we'd trekked two-thirds of the way around the trail, and then we bumped into an elderly gentleman who said, "Another perfect morning for a hike."  He told us he was from San Antonio, Texas, where it was going to be 100 degrees.  "It's a whole other world up here," he said.  After that we had encounters with four separate couples--the last hiking with two young children (a girl and a boy, both of whom said "Good morning" to us)--all enjoying the high country.

When we started out it was in the low 60s, and the temperature might have neared 70F before we finished.  Afterwards we drove into Cloudcroft to do some shopping at Family Dollar, and we later dumped a bag of garbage before driving down the mountain to our cabin.
High country home sweet home

Becca in the shadow of the pumphouse

Just getting started on the Osha Trail


Looking for bear

Mountain Rose


A rose by any other name . . .

New Mexico Locust

This and the next:  experiment

Hummer in shadow

Prickly Rose

Becca loving the high country

Leading the way on the Osha Trail

Beautiful trail

Here she comes

This and the next 3:  looking up

The trail ahead

This and the next:  Drooping Onion

Tall Yellow Evening Primrose

Rose and primrose

The way we just came

Prickly Rose

This and the next:  Tall Yellow Evening Primrose

Taking a bend

Fallen tree


Just around that tree

This and the next:  New Mexico Locust


Dr. K and Becca on the Osha Trail

We didn't cross this log


Darned if I remember what this is

Western Tent Caterpillar?

This and the rest:  Prickly Pear blooming at 6800 feet

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

Packrat, of all of these beautiful photos that you took this morning, my favorite is the one of the sunflower. What a great hike the three of us had this morning.

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