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Sunday, June 23, 2019

Frickin' Flies

Pineapple pinecones
Dr. K, Becca and I got a really early start on our hike along the Grand View Trail this morning.  Almost as soon as we got going we were passed by two friendly guys who had been speaking German before they greeted us in English.  There's a German Air Force contingent at Holloman Air Force Base in Alamogordo, and we sometimes encounter airmen/airwomen from the base.  I read not long ago that the U.S. Air Force and German Air Force were ending decades of joint training at Holloman and that the Germans were pulling out.

The only other people we saw on the way back to the car were part of a small family--mother, father, small boy and small girl with a dog.  The mother apologized in advance for their dog's "bad manners," and, indeed, their canine did lunge toward Becca barking, but the humans had the dog under control.  Becca walked past it with a "la de da" attitude; of course I had put her on lead before we passed the group.

The very worst part of this morning's trek were the countless small flies that pestered the hell out of us, especially Becca; a tribe of the insects were riding her back, and pesky outliers kept landing on her snout and trying to get moisture from her eyes.  The poor thing kept swatting at them as best she was able, but we never were free of the insects until we climbed back into Whitey the CR-V and headed home.  
Looking down into the basin

Christmas tree on a ledge

This and the next:  same stretch of the Grand View Trail

Becca catching up

Two more views of the Grand View

G&T (embryonic form)

Sotols growing in the high country

Aptly named:  the Grand View Trail

Carpenter Bee (?) on Sotol flower


High desert arbor

One image of White Sands

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Dr. K said...

I like the sun and shadows in the photo "High Desert Arbor."

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