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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The Low High Country

This and the next:  moon this morning
Becca and I did a very early hike west of Tortugas Mountain, and I kept it intentionally short because we were heading home to finish packing for a trip to the high country.  (Becca has become really adept at packing.)

There were a surprisingly large number of people out on an early Wednesday morning, which isn't surprising since we're headed for the high 90s F today.  The only people we encountered were a young man and young woman mountain biking together; Becca and I had to step aside to let them pass on a narrow single-track.  They were both very polite, thanking us for moving aside.

Topped off the tank in Whitey the CR-V on the way home so we could make the 90-minute drive to the Sacramento Mountains and still have three-quarters worth of fuel left.  It's nice to have a gas-efficient vehicle.

Prickly Pears with pears


Two shots of Becca

Looking toward the Franklin Mountains (40 miles away)

Ocotillo and Soaptree Yuccas

Moon and Ocotillo wands

Moon amidst yucca fruit

Typical Chihuahuan Desert scene

Ocotillo branches

Ocotillos and yuccas

Twinleaf Senna

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

That's a lovely photo of the Senna flowers, Packrat. Maybe more of them will start to bloom as we officially head into summer.

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