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Sunday, March 14, 2021

An Abbreviated Trek

First 2:  morning clouds over the Organs
According to my weather app just as we started off from home this morning:  36F, feels like 30F.  The wind was raging as we parked the CR-V in the dirt pullout off Tellbrook.

At least I had dressed properly for the unpleasant conditions; I had donned an extra layer of outwear, brought gloves, and was already wearing an ear band.  It didn't matter.  We knew immediately that we'd have to shorten the hike significantly or pay the price.  So we descended LDR-A, crossed the Tellbrook Arroyo, and climbed a short distance up LDR.  Then we turned around and headed back to the upper flatlands.

Not surprisingly we were the only lunatics out there.  Temperature gauge in the CR-V read "37F."  Gained one degree during our outing.  Stopped and got gas on the way home.

Clouds over Tortugas and the Organs from the upper flatlands

This and the next:  Tortugas and the Organs

This and the next:  Doña Ana Mountains

Soaptree Yucca on a ridge above LDR-A

Same Soaptree Yucca

Tortugas and the Organs

Frio and Willow

Dr. K with the Os

This and the next:  sun breaking over the clouds

Last 2:  from the upper flatlands


1 comment:

Dr. K said...

Despite the terrible conditions this morning, you were able to get some gorgeous photos, especially the ones of the clouds, sky, and mountains.

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