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Thursday, March 31, 2022

Absent the Wind

Ocotillo and Soaptree friends
After being battered by the wind for the past two days it felt great to get out into the desert unmolested by forceful gusts this morning.

We did our usual hike, and all the while I was anxious to get to the blossoming Torrey Yucca to monitor its flowering progress; unfortunately it didn't look much different than it had yesterday.

Encounters with two jackrabbits and a cottontail kept all of us on our toes today, but both Frio and Willow were very responsive to my commands not to chase; of course, I'm not too sure they'd have listened had they been off lead.  The desert cottontail incident was an interesting one; the critter lit out from a spot less then a yard away from us in Left Branch Arroyo.  I'm fairly certain we've met up with this rabbit before; it seems to be living there.

Lots of good exercise while enjoying the desert this morning.

Ocotillos on the ride east of LDR-A

Sparrow on Ocotillo branch

Organ Mountains from LDR-A

This & next: from LDR-A arroyo

I already see something the Heelers have yet to spot

Br'er Hare

Haven't seen the jackrabbit yet

Frio's on it

Now both Frio and Willow see the jackrabbit

Laser focused

Jackrabbit is unperturbed

Interesting clouds

Sparrow on yucca saber


This & next 4:  the yucca I've been monitoring

Willow and Frio resting in Right Branch Arroyo

Hill east of the Organ Mountains

Hedgehog Cactus needs Clearasil

Mourning Dove watches yucca bloom

Tortugas and the Organ Mountains


1 comment:

Dr. K said...

I love those photos of the Heelers as they begin to spot the Jackrabbit. I'm glad you all had such a pleasant hike in this Spring weather.

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