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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Another Windy Day

About to cross a gully
Becca and I managed to get in a moderately-long hike before the wind started up again, but it's blowing pretty hard this afternoon.  Unfortunately, it's that time of year--spring--when the wind gets persistent for a few months.  To add to the potential misery we've been in an extended drought, and everything is bone dry.  It won't be long before dust and sand are airborne, making for itchy eyes and runny noses. 
On the sunny road

Yuccas and contrails
Torrey Yucca shielding the sun

I took this same photo yesterday

There's a dog way ahead on this trail


Dr. K said...

Even though it's windy, I wish I were with both of you. I'm in very chilly Indianapolis right now.

packrat said...

We wish you were here, too, Dr. K.


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