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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Where's Mama?

White-winged Dove eggs in a Desert Broom
For weeks I've been extra careful when I take Becca into our backyard to do her business; that's because a White-winged Dove mama has been sitting in her nest in the giant Desert Broom bush there.  So I was perplexed to find her gone this morning.  Sadder still, she isn't in her nest at mid-afternoon.  I sure hope nothing has happened to her, but it's more than odd to see a dove abandon her eggs like that.  I really am pathetic.  How many other people would fret about a mama dove and her eggs like this?
In the foothills of Tortugas Mountain

There are many, many Yuccas in bloom this spring

You can see how much dust is still in the sky


Dr. K said...

Oh no--I'm worried about Mama Dove, too. We're both pathetic.


I guess that dove is an integral part of your backyard community - a wonderful creature that you've tried to protect. I hope she's okay. :)

packrat said...

Jacqui, you'd be surprised by how many doves build their nests on our property during the spring. It's got everything they need: trees for nest-building and shade, a waterhole, and, with the exception of an occasional coyote or fox, few predators.

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