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Monday, March 31, 2014

Yucca Daze

Getting going
It's not that I'm particularly enamored of Yucca flowers, it's just that they're so purty.  And there are lots of them out in the desert--all of the Yucca faxoniana variety.  These are the infamous Torrey Yucca, so-called after the 19th-Century American botanist John Torrey, who, in 1859, designated it a different variety of Yucca faxoniana.  Apparently, modern botanists don't see it as a separate variety, but they're not sure what to call it:  Yucca faxoniana, Yucca treculeana or Yucca torreyi.  Now you know more about Torrey Yuccas than you ever wanted to know.
Yucca with Claret Cup Cactus

Waiting to cross the ravine

Flowers of the Yucca torreyi

Blossoms of Yucca torreyi (aka Yucca faxoniana)

More Yucca flowers

Spanish Dagger

These flowers look like a type of Italian pasta--cavatelli


Portrait of dog in sunshine

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Dr. K said...

These are great photos, Packrat.

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