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Monday, March 3, 2014

Feeling Guilty Talking "Chilly"

Bushwhacking danger:  mistaking foreground cactus for grass (rear)
My cousin in Kentucky and family and friends back east would criticize me soundly if they heard me complaining that it was chilly this morning (low 40s), and it's supposed to be even chiller tomorrow morning (39 F).  The East, Midwest and South of the United States are yet again being blasted by a fierce winter storm.  Saw on the news that there was a 40-car pileup in Oklahoma because of ice-rink conditions on the roadways.  This has got to be one of the worst winters ever for the folks back there.

Heavy overcast

Waiting for pokey (me)

No sunny hike

Becca spots two hikers and their dog

A still-damp arroyo


Dr. K said...

Beautiful flowers in your last photo.

Scott said...

I like the images of the "still damp arroyo" and the camouflaged cactus, in particular.

Well, we only got 1-1/2 inches of snow (instead of the predicted 8-12 - thank goodness!) because the storm tracked further south than anticipated. And, though the forecasters were calling for record low temperatures last night (Monday night), they didn't materialize either; it was a balmy 9 degrees when I got up this morning (vs. the forecast temperature of -3). According to the 10-day forecast, it's all uphill from here - a bit warmer each day. Could that have been the last of our misery? Everyone I meet, without fail, says the same thing: "I am so tired of all this."

packrat said...

I can imagine just how tired of that weather you all are, Scott. Hopefully that will be the end of it. This is March, after all.


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