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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Crazy Clouds

Staring at a hiker on the mountain
Even though it's spring break for college and other schools around here there weren't many hikers on or near Tortugas Mountain this morning.  Still quite a few flies, though. We did encounter two guys jogging with their Chocolate Lab puppy, who one man called "Chaco."  Or was it "Choco"?  Chaco wanted to meet Becca, but Chaco's daddy wouldn't permit it.  We also bumped into a man and woman who said they had a dog like Becca at home.  Becca growled at the guy when he lunged forward to pet her.  I think Becca was ticked off because they left their dog at home.
Odd-shaped clouds

A northern Chihuahuan Desert vista

Claret Cup Cactus flower

Potrillo Mountains on the horizon

In arroyo west of the Tortoise

Don't stare directly at the sun

Straight shot across the desert

Almost the Mark of Zorro

The Tortoise (left) and the Organs

Weird little clouds

Undoubtedly a missile test from White Sands military facility

Had to stop near home to photgraph this:  is it a seal chasing a fish?


Dr. K said...

Spooky cloud shapes.

Scott said...

Really "cool" cloud collection, Packrat. (Boy, does "cool" ever "date" me, huh?) Soon you'll be competing with Robin Andrea over at "The New Dharma Bums" blog for meteorological phenomena if you keep this up!

packrat said...

At least you didn't say "groovy," Scott.:)

I'll have to check out Robin Andrea's blog for the weather phenomena you mention.

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