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Friday, March 14, 2014

Yuccas Starting to Bloom

Back to the lower desert again
Back in the lower Chihuahuan Desert for a morning hike.  Several things detracted from our trek:  slightly bad air and an abundance of flies.  The flies were voracious in their peskiness.  We've had really high winds lately, and that's the cause of the hazy conditions.  On the positive side were the Torrey Yuccas throughout the desert that have started to bloom.  They always put on quite a show when they're in full flower, which will happen a few weeks from now.  The Soaptree Yuccas blossom later in the season.
Torrey Yucca starting to blossom

On the Crosscut Trail

Another Yucca sending up its flower stalk

This Yucca is about 6' tall

Another Yucca further along in the flowering stage

Headed back toward Tortugas Mountain


Scott said...

Jeez...real flowers! We DO have crocuses blooming, which started before the snowdrops--a reversal of the typical order. Daffodils are just beginning poke out of the ground. It's going to be a very late spring here in the northern Piedmont. For goodness sake--it was 20 degrees when I awoke this morning.(Normal low:33 degrees).

Dr. K said...

The red in those yucca blossoms are the color of wine.

packrat said...

Will winter never end back there, Scott?

packrat said...

"Yucca blossoms . . . the color of wine." Nice line, Dr. K.


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