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Saturday, March 1, 2014

It's March: Here Comes the Wind

The trail to the ramada at the Sunset Parking area
It was an extraordinarily pleasant morning when Becca and  I hit the trail west of Tortugas Mountain.  It was also very crowded out there, though we only ran into one mountain biker and one jogger.  Now--just less than an hour from our return--the wind has picked up.  We have a slight chance of rain today and tomorrow from the tail end of the storm that's battering California now.  Bad news for our friends in the Midwest and East:  this storm is going to track across country and deliver more unpleasant weather for the winter-fatigued there.
Tortugas's northwestern slope

Torrey Yucca leaning toward the western sky

Becca hears people coming down the mountain

Road heading west

Hilly desert land

Becca crossing the Crosscut Trail

The Tortoise from the west

Lenticular clouds over the Organ Mountains mean high winds aloft


Dr. K said...

I'm grateful for the beautiful weather we have now.

Scott said...

Very nice image of the spectacular clouds over the Organs, Packrat.

"Weather fatigued".- perfect! Twelve (more) inches of snow likely by the time this blows out of here.

packrat said...

Thanks, Scott.

I like snow every once in a while, but not the kind of snowfall you poor folks are having to suffer through back there. I'm beginning to wonder if we're not seeing the start of a permanent climate change now.


Scott said...

The worst winter on record for the northern Piedmont (in terms of total snow accumulation) was 2009-10. Now, we have this storm, which will put us in second place for all time snow. I'm wondering if you're right, too--in which case we're ready to make our escape. Mitigating that: the last two winters have had almost no snow.

Liz Tipping said...

Amazing pic of the clouds! Stunning!

packrat said...

Thank you, Liz.


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