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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Another Provision Day

Looking at the lower desert from the foothills trail
I cut our morning hike a little short because I had to go shopping for staples and other supplies; not the little metal staples--which I've not had much use for since the advent of the electronic age.  Can't say I've used paper clips very often, either, since all the manuscripts I submit nowadays are sent electronically.  Dr. K introduced me to the term "digital natives" the other day; it refers to young people born from 1994 on--who are nineteen or twenty years old now--and who have never known a world in which the internet did not exist.
Starting down, an ominous sky ahead

Rain at the distant horizon


Scott said...

I'm going to be starting teaching at the University of Pennsylvania this Friday. My students will all be "digital natives." I'm not. You know what? I don't care. They're going to get paper copies of stuff.

Dr. K said...

A short hike, but I'm sure you and Becca were happy.

packrat said...

If your students look at those paper handouts and say, "What are these?" you know you're in trouble, Scott.


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