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Monday, August 18, 2014

Shadow of Tortugas

Hiking along the western flank in the mountain's shadow
The advantage to getting an early start in these dog-days of August is (if you're hiking where we are) you can stay in the shadow of Tortugas Mountain for about a mile before breaking into the sunshine.  That gives your body time to adjust to the ambient temperature before getting assaulted by direct sunlight.  It still felt uncomfortable even though the temperature was 69 F and the humidity 71%.  Becca and I did a moderately-long hike nonetheless, running into nobody during our walkabout in the outback.
A Loggerhead Shrike and Hummingbird in the same Ocotillo

As you can see they're separated by a few feet

Mustards and Daisies

Devil's Claw flowers

Same flowers, different perspective


Dayflowers (Commelina)

Two-foot Barrel Cactus in bloom

Bee in flower

Collecting pollen

Drunk on the stuff

Side view of Barrel Cactus flowers


Dr. K said...

I like the photo of the shrike and the hummingbird in the same ocotillo, peacefully co-existing.

Scott said...

Lots of comments today. The lighting in the first image makes it looks like it snowed in the desert. Neat trick with the perspective on the two birds--it's a good thing you "came clean," though. :) The Devil's Claw flowers are very orchid-like; they're incredible. And, finally, as for the dayflowers: they're blooming here prolifically, too, but I consider them a weed. The plants are rangy and sprawling, and they produce this little blue flower that's only attractive when viewed up close. They're outta my garden when they pop up.

In other news, last Friday, Kali slipped down two steps and broke a bone in her right foot. It's just a small break, but it's enough to have her in a splint (and probably a cast next week). This means that she can't drive, so I have to take her to work (1.25 hours round trip in the morning) and pick her up (1.25 hours in the evening). This is going to get very old very fast--it already is, and it's only the second work day. Needless to say, neither of us is in a particularly good mood right now.

packrat said...

So sorry to hear about Kali's broken bone, Scott, and, of course, sorry to learn how it's inconvenienced you both. A 2 1/2-hour commute certainly takes a big chunk out of your workday. Commiserations to you both.

I totally screwed up that first image in the post; I was monkeying around with aperture settings, and when I saw the results before posting I tried to clean up the image with PhotoShop. I just kept making it worse, so I gave up. But the actually uploading and posting of it is what gave it that strange bluish cast. I considered deleting it, but it was the only one I had of Tortugas's shadow. Go figure, huh?

Hope Kali heals quickly.


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