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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Dark Day with Exceptions

Hugging the western flank of Tortugas
The dewpoint was under 60 F when Becca and I headed out after sunrise (there was no sun), and a nice breeze kept conditions feeling very cool.  We ran into several mountain bikers and a jogger, Joe.  We often bump into Joe on the weekends. He jogs to the top of Tortugas and back.  He told us he got an early start this morning.  Quite a few other people were out enjoying the 68-degree temperature.  We only made it into the high 70s yesterday, but I think we're slated to barely squeak by 80 today.
Skirting along the foothills

A ripe Prickly Pear

Coyotes eat these fruits despite the thorns

A happy stand of Ocotillos (okay, that's anthropomorphism)

Heavy clouds draped over the Organ Mountains

In the west a hint of blue

Do we really have to go this way?

A patch of blue

Striated sky

Dark and light

In the distance Picacho (Sp. = "peak"), northwest side of Las Cruces


Dr. K said...

I really like the darker shades of the desert because of the cloud cover.

Scott said...

It looks like there was rain over Organs--or a least a threat thereof.

Our white-tailed deer eat our multiflora rosebushes. The roses don't have thorns like the cacti, but they do have thorns. I wonder how they do it.

Incidentally, three of your images didn't display when I logged on this morning--just blank spaces with captions.

packrat said...

I'm sure I mentioned this before, Scott, but once, when Dr. K and I were inhabiting one of the stone cabins in Big Bend's Chisos Mountains, we watched several javelinas munching merrily on the pads of Prickly Pear Cacti. We could hear the spines crunching, presumably against the hard palates of the peccaries.

Can't say why some of the images didn't show on your computer.

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