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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hint of Autumn

Heading for higher ground
Perhaps it's wishful thinking, but when Becca and I set off on the trail around Tortugas this morning it was 64 degrees Fahrenheit with a slightly cool wind, and I couldn't stop myself from hoping that the dog-days of summer are rapidly coming to an end.  But I've lived in the desert (Chihuahuan and Sonoran) too long to be fooled by a temporary break in the heat.  By next week we'll probably be in the mid-90s again and I'll be cursing my stupidity for allowing myself to believe that summer is nearly over.
Looking back after descending from the midpoint of that flank

Tortugas Mountain (left) and the Organ Mountains

Looking at Tortugas from the west

Resting in the shade of a small Yucca

Torrey Yuccas (Organ Mountains in background)

Another view of the Yuccas

Often-photographed outer loop road around the mountain

Trailing Four O'Clock

An arroyo that has run heavily in the past few days

Creosote Bush is blooming in the lower elevations all over the mountain

Blossoms and buds atop a 3-foot Barrel Cactus

Closeup of the flower

Recent rains have benefited the plants around our house

A jungle on our property

Seep Willow on the right


Dr. K said...

It's almost football season, so autumn is almost here.

Scott said...

Sort of a jungle, Packrat. Don't go overboard! :)

Our forecast high for Sunday is 75--normal is 87 this time of year. Yeah!

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