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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Racing the Rain

Trying to beat the rain on the Grand View Trail
Since we had an 80% chance of precipitation this morning Dr. K, Becca and I hightailed it over to the Grand View Trail to get in a quick hike.  Only got spat on a little.  Drove down the mountain to the Brewer's convenience store at Stone Corner to pick up staples (beer) and back without getting rain.  Used the weed eater to cut grass and weeds all around our property without getting any precip.  At 1 p.m. when Dr. K took Becca up the drive for a short walk they got rained on a bit.  Still no significant wet stuff.  Perhaps it will come later.
White Sands in the valley below

I swear there's something out there

Pinyon/Juniper forest

Having a sit-down in the Rails-to-Trails ramada

This Sotol is twice my height

Sotol flower stalk

Closeup of Sotol blossoms

Sand Verbena

So far only a drop or two has fallen on us

I'll bet these cabin owners have a heck of a view

Hard to believe cactus can grow out of rock like this

Hedgehog Cactus growing out of rock

Chamisa (aka Rabbitbrush)

I thought these might be Cinquefoil, but I don't know what they are

Not shiny enough to be Buttercups

Flower of the Coyote Gourd

Some of the neighborhood gang show up for petting

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

So much is blooming around here! The rain is worth it.

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