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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Beep! Beep!

Getting started on Tortugas's west side
Becca and I only ran into one other person around Tortugas Mountain this morning, and we were far enough away to share only a wave.  (I hope it's obvious to you that Becca didn't wave.  She can wag, but not wave.)  Back home, while I was watching the Weather Channel's coverage of the terrible flooding in Long Island I saw a Roadrunner walk past the front door.  Had to grab my camera and creep out for some paparazzo action, and I was surprised to find him high up in our Desert Willow grooming himself.  Self-centered star!
Pleasant Chihuahuan Desert scene

Respite on a dirt road

This Buggy Whip (Ocotillo) wand couldn't decide which way to grow

Striking due west

Did somebody shoot this Prickly Pear pad?  Naw

Sure looks it, though

Tortugas Mountain

I have never seen this particular Ocotillo so "leafed out"

Roadrunner about 12' up in our Desert Willow

Check out the beak on this individual

He's monitoring my behavior

Safe enough to do some grooming

I took about fifteen photos of this guy

I say "guy," but I'm not certain, though he's a large specimen


Scott said...

Maybe you could interest Dunkin' Donuts in a new flavor--prickly pear!

Dr. K said...

Those photos of the roadrunner in the desert willow are remarkable.

packrat said...

Scott: :)

I already have a call in to Ben & Jerry's.

packrat said...

Dr. K.:

He didn't seem particularly distressed by my presence; I suspect it's because he was so high up in the tree.

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