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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Desert Looks Like Rain

Starting from Monte Vista under threatening skies
All during our trek this morning Dr. K, Becca and I wondered if we would get rained upon; well, Becca didn't wonder.  Fortunately I only felt one raindrop on my arm for the entire hike.  The sky certainly was promising to open up at any minute and douse us big time.  We're still under a flash flood watch until Sunday morning, and the threat of storms is substantial.  There were many people out taking advantage of the cool weather, including the boys who were throwing rocks from a cliff face.
Back of Tortugas

Looking south toward El Paso

A very healthy Ocotillo

Dr. K and the Beckster

Raining over the Organ Mountains

Waiting for another drink of rainwater

A bit of light over the Organs

Young geniuses imperiling their lives to throw rocks from the cliff

A fairly-crowded Monte Vista parking lot


Dr. K said...

The desert almost seems lush because of the rain we've been having. Nice temperature this morning.

Scott said...

The cloudy skies and subdued lighting make the colors in your images richer, Packrat.

We're having off-and-on showers here in the northern Piedmont (more off than on), and tempe4ratures in low-to-mid 70s.

packrat said...

I think you're right about the colors, Scott; the harsh desert sun does seem to bleach out color from some images.

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