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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Muddy But Nice

Due to the abundance of rain the Sacramento Mountains have received of late the trails in the high country are mud-laden.   It's annoying for hiking, but the wet dirt provides a medium for animal tracks.  We saw some very interesting ones on our trek today, including, I'm fairly certain, one from a good-sized black bear.  We did a two-hour hike out of Parking Area 3 on the Rim Trail, and we thoroughly enjoyed it despite the muddy conditions.
Skyrocket Gilia

Moseying along the Rim Trail out of Area 3

Mixed marriage
A scary-looking find, but probably the track of a large dog

Long way down

Bushwhacking in heavy foilage
The narrow Rim Trail

Stand of Aspens

The Tularosa Basin
On the lookout for critters

The top track appears to be from a bear

Across from the meadow

The meadow

Trumpet phlox (aka Skyrocket Gilia)

Skyrocket Gilia

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

Beautiful wildflowers all along this trail--a great, though muddy, time of the year.

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