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Friday, August 15, 2014

Like a Greenhouse

Green walking cane
The "greenhouse effect" was in effect this morning for our hike.  I'm not referring to the climate change phenomenon, but rather the yucky feel to the atmosphere Becca and I experienced around Tortugas Mountain.  The humidity and dew point were excessively high, and the sun was beating down upon us, making for an uncomfortable trek.  We took many shade breaks.  I expect more rain this afternoon, adding to the discomfort level.  The good thing about the precipitation, though, is its salubrious effect on desert flora.
Three views of a Jackrabbit (true hare)

Abundant Ocotillos

Thorny Hedgehog Cactus

Where not to put your hand

Though toppled over, this Ocotillo is thriving

Western flank of Tortugas Mountain

Sandy area away from the mountain

A veritable Ocotillo forest

Indecision:  this image or . . .


A shady respite at the beach


Dr. K said...

These ocotillos are the trees of the desert.

Scott said...

Though fairly straightforward, I really liked "Sandy area away from the mountain." The images of the jackrabbit, especially the second two, are really nice and help explain how these prey animals can survive being spotted by predators.

I like how you couldn't decide between two images--and then decided to post both! I do this "weighing game" all the time, too, but when I'm really indecisive, I just sort of randomly chose one or the other and post it.

There's almost nothing worse than high humidity; it might even be worse than high heat. I hope I don't jinx it by saying so, but we have had the best summer here in the northern Piedmont in recent memory. Temperatures have been moderate, humidity has been relatively low, and we've only had one weekend "ruined" by rain--and even that weekend wasn't a complete washout. We've hardly had to use our air conditioner (or even the fan) at all this summer. And now, it's the height of peach season, and Kali and I are going to our favorite orchard to buy some peaches today (Saturday).

packrat said...

They are indeed, Dr. K.


packrat said...

Thanks, Scott.

I'm with you on the humidity issue; it actually affects the way my body feels. And as I grow ever older I can almost hear my joints creaking in this weather.

Your summer sounds lovely--especially the way you describe it. I'm envious. Enjoy those scrumptious peaches!


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