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Sunday, July 12, 2015


On the loop trail around Tortugas Mountain
It was so hot and humid (89%) this morning that Dr. K, Becca and I cut our hike short.  Although we always let Becca take as many shade breaks as she wants, and we  carry plenty of water for her, we're especially careful about not letting her overheat.  And, in truth, because there was only an occasional breeze to cool us off, Dr. K and I felt uncomfortable in the desert conditions.  Therefore we decided to opt out of a long trek today, doing only half of what we usually do.  We all (Becca included) felt it was a wise choice.  We're supposed to dry out in the coming days, but the temperature is heading for the century mark yet again.
Hot, but happy hiker

Across a vast expanse of Chihuahuan Desert to the Organ Mountains

Left to right:  Ocotillo, Yucca, Yucca

Becca in the shade of the Yucca on the right

Massive Cholla I planted from a small cutting at the hacienda

Large Cane Cholla I planted at the hacienda

Blind Prickly Pear and Rosemary at the side yard

Dense desert foliage on our property

Large Mesquite Trees in our front yard

Headstones mark where our cats are buried

While I was taking pictures a Ladderback Woodpecker visited

The woodpecker was eating fruit on one of the Soaptree Yuccas

The front stoop


Dr. K said...

Dogs get overheated so easily. I'm glad we were cautious.


I wish every home had a native garden. It would go a long way to protecting wild life. And they look so good!

packrat said...


Dr. K and I searched for a long time to find a home with a natural desert landscape.

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