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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Where the Hermits Hang Out

Hermit Thrush
Cutleaf Coneflowers

When Dr. K, Becca and I set off on the very muddy third section of the Rim Trail this morning we were treated to the stellar singing of three or four Hermit Thrushes.  The video doesn't do justice to the singer, but the Hermit Thrush is a small bird with a surprisingly large voice.  Some kind of glitch with Blogger today has prevented me from captioning all these images, but most are self-explanatory.  The tracks are those of elk who left footprints along the muddy trail.  The red flower is a Mexican Silene, and the red berry is a Wild Raspberry.


Dr. K said...

This was a gorgeous hike, with the birdsong, butterflies, and blossoms.

Scott said...

Mountain summer in all its glory! Hermit Thrushes move through my neighborhood in migration, but they don't nest (or sing) here; we're too low and too far south. Thanks for sharing, since I don't get to hear them. Our house in Colorado is at 7300 feet; is your High Rolls house lower than the altimeter pictured?

packrat said...

Our High Rolls house is at 7,000 feet, Scott. The altimeter reading was from a point on the Rim Trail, where we hear the Hermit Thrush frequently. According to the Audubon website they are common in all seasons in the Sacramento Mountains.

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