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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Trip to the High Country

Early morning on Tortugas's west side
After Becca and I did a quick hike west of Tortugas Mountain we headed home, showered (me, not her), and finished packing (Dr. K and me, not Becca) before heading up to the Sacramento Mountains.  Since I was here last weekend we got another .16" of rain according to our rain gauge.  It's a little toasty up here mid-afternoon, and we're hoping a cooling shower will blow through the high mountain canyons in the late afternoon or early evening to create an almost chilly evening.  The low tonight is supposed to drop to 57 F.
Ocotillos basking in the sun

Becca leading the way along a single-track trail

Ocotillos (aka "buggy whips") and a Torrey Yucca

This looks like a good place for a shade break


Our pumphouse and 1500-gallon tank in High Rolls

Heading down our driveway

Looking south from our drive

Still on our drive, which snakes down to our place


Dr. K said...

We're here to celebrate the holiday in our quiet way.

Scott said...

Packrat; I hope you got that cooling shower you were hoping for. Actually, though we've had quite a bit of rain this summer, the temperatures haven't (yet) been too brutal. We're having a fairly normal season, weather-wise, to date.

packrat said...

We did get the shower, Scott, and then again this (Friday) afternoon and this evening. It's a good thing I bought a new ion-battery-powered string trimmer because I have the distinct feeling that the weeds and grasses will require trimming again in the very near future. Good to hear that your weather conditions are normal.

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