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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Missing the Mountains Already

Another vista from the Grand View Trail
We've been back home in the lower Chihuahuan Desert just over two hours and already we're wishing we were back in the mountains.  Last night we had a big storm up there, and the bugs were swarming everywhere this morning.  Nevertheless, we had a good time hiking the Grand View Trail before returning to our High Rolls place to pack for the trip down the mountain, around Alamogordo, past White Sands National Monument, across the Chalk Hills, over San Augustine Pass in the Organ Mountains and down the long western slope to the City of the Crosses (Las Cruces).  Boo hoo.  And did I mention it's hot down here?!
Section of an informational sign near the midway point

The arrow points to where Trinity Site is (see sign)

Becca and Dr. K at the ramada

Spotted Towhee whose spots are hard to spot

Emergent flower stalk of a Sotol

One of the prettiest vistas along the trail

Becca looks like she's enjoying herself

In the summer shade is always a welcome respite

Stile over the gate (Bridal Veil Falls Trail is less than 100 yards away)

Sotol flower stalks

The way back through the railroad cut

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

We're lucky to be able to get away to the mountains, even if it's hard to come back to the low desert heat.

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