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Friday, July 17, 2015

Rain at the Start

Jackrabbit in our yard (photographed from my car)
It was raining lightly when I had to let Becca into the backyard to do her business this morning.  By the time we left for our hike it had stopped; but we got spit upon occasionally during our long trek.  We saw several hearty outdoorspersons on and about the mountain, but we only encountered one runner not long after we got started.  Becca and I were fortunate to enjoy a long sojourn in the desert without really getting wet.
Ominous skies ahead

Little brother and big brother Yucca

More rain in the offing

Craning one's neck

Becca spots a cottontail

Single-track leading to the lower desert

Becca loves to hike ahead of the pack(rat)

Tortugas and the Organs

In this Ocotillo I see a rabbit licking its right front paw

Small Mesquite Tree (80% grows underground)

A "formal" Ocotillo

What is that over there?

Never cleared up during our long trek


Scott said...

A very skinny rabbit (licking its forepaw)! :-)

packrat said...

Indeed, Scott. Food is scarce for Ocotillo rabbits.


Dr. K said...

The first photo is of the rabbit that likes to sleep under Packrat's car.

packrat said...

Actually, it isn't, Dr. K. The rabbit who sleeps under my car is a cottontail. The guy in photo #1 is a jackrabbit

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