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Monday, July 27, 2015

Panoramic Difficulties

Hedgehog Cactus about to bloom again
I'm going to be returning my new camera soon because the panoramic setting is malfunctioning; it does not focus when the shutter button is depressed.  Now I'm depressed at the upcoming rigamarole.  Notwithstanding the name of this blog and the evident "cuteness" of its creator, Dr. K and I are not thrilled to find a pack rat frequenting our property recently regardless of how cute it is.   I was pleased to spot a couple of Swainson's Hawks west of Tortugas Mountain this morning.  See a local story about Swainson's Hawks attacking pedestrians at our local college by following this link:
Rough Menodora

Rough Menodora flower and buds


Straight shot into the desert

Slope of the Tortoise

Reluctantly getting the show on the road

Is that a chopper or a dragon fly in the distance?

Desert Marigold

Another break

Turkey Vulture

Not a vulture

Which raptor is this?

Swainson's Hawk

Packrat in our yard

Packrat taking a break under one of our Chollas


Dr. K said...

Very cute Packrat--but unfortunately, they carry ticks (or fleas?) that cause diseases.

Scott said...

Thank you, Dr. K. I didn't know why Packrat was upset about having a packrat in your environs.

packrat said...



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