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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Too Hot

Black-tailed Jackrabbit cavorting through the desert
I can always tell when it's too hot in the desert when Becca seeks shade right at the start of our hike.  I always stop whenever she lies down in a shadow, and I offer her water each time, making sure she doesn't chug too much all at once.  I carry enough cool water in the daypack for both of us, but toward the end of every trek the water is lukewarm.  We drink it anyway, making sure to stay hydrated.

Looking up the western slope of Tortugas Mountain

One of many shade breaks

The only mature one in the bunch

There's a hot dog in there somewhere

There she is

Yet another shady respite

Fruit of the Soaptree Yucca


Dr. K said...

Those are cute photos of the jackrabbit cavorting through the desert.

packrat said...

Why thank you, Dr. K.


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