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Saturday, July 4, 2015

What a Grand View

Starting out on the Grand View Trail
We didn't get too hot on our 90-minute hike on the Grand View Trail this morning, but we did run into four people who got our blood boiling because they ruined our solitude.  (I'm kidding.)  There was a runner, a woman with a pale yellow dog, and a man and woman with a dog that growled and made a half-arsed charge at Becca; fortunately all were on leads--except the runner, who was off lead.  We got our exercise in and were back to our place within a two-hour period.  Not a bad way to start the day.
Hiking through a section of dry grass

New Mexico Rails-to-Trails ramada at the midway point

Sotol in bloom

Closeup of the flowers

Dr. K taking a photo with her phone

Becca in the shade


Looking out toward the Tularosa Basin

Beargrass (Nolina microcarpa) growing on our property

Flowers of Nolina Microcarpa

Nolina is in the Agave family

Becca and Dr. K in our drive

Butterfly in our front yard

Butterflies on an unknown plant (Thurber Desert Holly?)


Dr. K said...

Packrat, you really outdid yourself with the two photos of the butterflies--they're beautiful pictures.

packrat said...

Thank you, Dr. K.

Scott said...

There were grasses growing like your tonsure on the land of Bear Mountain Lodge in Silver City when Kali and I stayed there 6 or 7 years ago. Very strange growth habit.

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