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Friday, October 16, 2015

The Edge of Wetness

Happy Hikester
Temperatures have dropped significantly under the front that came in from the west overnight, and we have a fairly decent chance of rain over the next few days.  The long hike Becca and I took this morning was delightfully cool, though humid, with a slight breeze.  The breeze has become a wind since then, but it's not howling.  We saw other outdoor enthusiasts this morning, several people hiking with dogs, and one jogger back at the trailhead; both he and Becca seemed equally uninterested in each other.
Solid cloud cover all morning

The sun is up there somewhere

Road to the mountains

On another section of dirt road

Cumulus Clouds building over the Organs

The road leading to Tellbrook

Climbing one of the hills northwest of the Organs

Desert Marigolds


Dr. K said...

I love that photo with the desert marigolds in the foreground.

Scott said...

I agree with Dr. K about the image with the Desert Marigolds. Here in the northern Piedmont, we had a front come through on Friday that really lowered our temperatures. Saturday's high (55 degrees) was 13 degrees below normal, and I awoke to frost on Sunday morning. Today (Monday), our forecast high is 52, and we had a freeze (30 degrees) and heavy frost overnight. No more cricket song this year.

packrat said...

Thanks, Scott. Those temps seem okay for me, but Dr. K would be unhappy about the cold. :)

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