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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A Distant Relative

Light and shadow bifurcate the desert
About midway through our hike Becca and I spotted the Coyote pictured below.  No doubt about it, he wanted to be seen.  He was in no hurry to get out of our sight, slowly moseying up a slight slope to the north of us,  When he got far enough away he plopped down in the grass, casually watching us as we made a circuitous swing around him on the Crosscut Trail.  After we disappeared from his line of sight for a short while, reappearing to the west of him, he eventually stood and slowly moved off to the south.  It was fun seeing one of Becca's distant relatives at a great distance; only wish we could have had a closer encounter.
What it's like hiking in the shadow of Tortugas

Study in thorns and light

This and the next two:  Plumed Crinklemat

Torrey Yucca

Ms. Becca, the happy hiker

Ocotillo jail cell

Small Soaptree Yucca

Top of a tall Soaptree Yucca

Large Banana Yucca

How far away the Trickster was when we first spotted him

He walked slowly away

At an assured safe distance he turned to have a look at us

By this time I was waving at him

He put more distance between us before lying down

He kept an eye on us . . .

. . . but other things interested him, too

He stood to have a look . . .

. . . before heading off

This is the last we saw of him

Becca watched the Coyote go

Yucca Crown Dancers

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

An amazing series of coyote photos. I wonder if he/she has seen you before and might be getting used to you?

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