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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Renewal Day

"Serious" look
Becca and I explored much the same territory we covered yesterday primarily because I hoped to see our buddy The Trickster again.  No such luck.  Later in the morning I went to have my driver's license renewed at MVD Express.  Does anything make you feel quite as old as getting a new license photo taken after having not really looked at your previous photo for eight years?  That's how long you can get you license renewed for here in the state of New Mexico.  Eight years ago my license had been expired for a month-and-a-half before a cashier at some establishment (probably a liquor store) said, "Did you know your license is expired?"  I hurried to MVD Express the next day.  I was just a seedling then.  Now I'm going to seed.
Just joking around

Early-morning light, northern Chihuahuan Desert

Exploring the same arroyo

Taking a shade break in the sand

Best hiking companion

Into the hills

Light and shadow on a Barrel Cactus

Losing leaves, Ocotillos look like "buggy whips"

Hole in a Prickly Pear pad

The leaf tipped the ant over twice

Hurrying back because I told her to do so

Scouting for Coyotes


Dr. K said...

It always amazes me how ants can carry such large objects. I wish I could do that.

Scott said...

I suspect the secret to the ants' ability is the biomechanics of the exoskeleton, Dr. K.

My appearance really hasn't changed all that much in the last few years. I was invited to give a talk recently and was asked to provide an image that the organizers could use in their promotional pieces. When I went to retrieve the image I use most often for such purposes, I realized the image was taken in 2009 (in New Mexico, actually!). It's still a good representation, and it's still my favorite.

I like the seedling/going to seed sequence; very clever.

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