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Friday, October 21, 2016

Cool Friday

Heading west towards the outback
Becca and I got an early start on a cool Friday morning:  52 degrees with a slight breeze.  I wore a windbreaker for a good portion of the hike.  When I finally took it off, just making idle chatter, I said to Becca, "What do you think of the new shirt your mother bought me?"  Then it struck me:  an image of Becca's real mother in a clothing store picking out items I might like.  I LOLed.  Then it occurred to me that I'm probably crazy, first for conversing with my dog, and, second, for laughing aloud at the insane image that popped into my head.  I guess that's what spending hours out in the desert will do for you. :)
We've discovered several freshly-dug dens recently (this looks like fox)



Darn those sun blemishes

About to enter a familiar arroyo

Pointy perch

Chihuahuan Desert arroyo (aka "dry wash")

Climbing creosote-stubbled hills

Far west of the mountains

You can tell we had wind last night

A mesquite slightly taller than me

Over hill and dale

Doing what we both love to do:  bushwhacking

Failed experiment

Sitting down on the job

I am an island

Will the critter search prove fruitful?

Roadrunner grooming on an Ocotillo branch

Fluffing itself

Looking for prey

I can almost taste it

Say's Phoebe the Roadrunner tried to catch

Back at the mountain

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

We all know you're crazy about Becca, Packrat. Those are amazing photos of the roadrunner.

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