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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Lineman for the County

Lineman school is out
When Becca and I passed near the lineman school just west of Tortugas Mountain early this morning the grounds were empty.  But when we returned later a class was in session.  Becca and I stood watching while some of the students seemed to be taking their first forays up the telephone poles planted in the desert for just such learning opportunities.  Whenever I see these guys scaling those poles I think of Glen Campbell's song "Wichita Lineman," which I've always liked. 
Trekking along the high foothills

Ocotillos against an early-morning sky

In the mountain's shadow

Breaking into sunlight at the summit of the high foothills

View up the mountain

Trail over the saddle

Jackrabbit in a field of daisies

Hurrying down to the lower desert

Franklin Mountains, El Paso, Texas

Tortugas (left) and the Organ Mountains

The desert west of Tortugas Mountain

Gravelly respite

Tortugas Mountain from further out west

Desert Marigolds

U-turn in an arroyo

Narrow arroyo west of Tortugas Mountain

Soaptree Yucca crown

Back up the mountain

Lineman school is in


Dr. K said...

The yellow daisies and marigolds are still blooming--what a treat. Becca always seems fascinated by the linemen.


Love the photo of the desert marigolds. The desert looks wonderfully green - a botanical garden!

packrat said...

It has been incredibly green this year, Jacqui, owing, I believe, to a lot of "deep" rains we've had.

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