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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sunday Exploration

Full moon, Las Cruces, New Mexico
Because Dr. K likes exploring arroyos as much as Becca and me we all decided to depart from the Sunset Area of Tortugas Mountain to hike in several arroyos far west of the trailhead.  While we did have a few encounters with other outdoor enthusiasts close to the mountain we saw nobody in the area we explored.  That's the nice thing about isolated areas in the outback--you very rarely bump into anyone out there.  The weather was perfect for a long trek:  mid-50s with a slight breeze.  Unfortunately we're heading for 90 degrees Fahrenheit again today.
Rainbow Hedgehog

Becca spots a biker on the mountain road

Devil's Claw emerging from fruit pod

The more I research Broomrape the less certain I am that this is one

Heading down to a wide arroyo

Far west of Tortugas Mountain (left) and the Organ Mountains

Shade break in a large arroyo

Lone Barrel Cactus amidst dense growth of Creosote Bushes

Narrow branch of the arroyo

Dr. K and Becca

Becca stares intently at something

An area heavily populated by Desert Marigolds


Even more Marigolds

Same Marigolds, different perspective

We'll be heading out of this arroyo soon

Steep western side of Tortugas Mountain

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Dr. K said...

It is so amazing how many yellow flowers--desert marigolds and clinchweed--are blooming all over the mountain. So pretty!

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