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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

New Camera

First photo just west of Tortugas
I bought a new bridge camera--a FijuFilm S9900W--and spent much of the morning hike experimenting with it.  It'll probably take me several weeks to understand the device completely.  I probably could have used my old FujiFilm camera for a few more years, but one of the latches on the camera compartment door broke and I couldn't repair it.  I've been masking-taping the door shut for the past week or so.  I can tell by the images I've posted today that the 16:9 aspect ratio isn't going to work well for the blog.  More experiments ahead.
Down the single-track

Pausing while I fiddle around with camera settings

First macro shot

Telephoto of the Organ Mountains

I used a 16:9 aspect ratio in all these images

Experimenting with the zoom

Near the south end of the Crosscut Trail

I'm guessing fox

Obviously I need more work on the macro function

Waiting patiently while I play with the new camera

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

The photo of the decaying fox skeleton is kind of creepy. The cycle of life and death.

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