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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Too Much Wind

A very cooperative subject
The wind raged and howled all night, and in the morning it was still blowing up a storm--a storm that never came.  Dr. K, Becca and I decided to venture out on the Bridal Veil Falls Trail, and we were able to do a two-hour trek despite the windy conditions.  On our return home we encountered two of Becca's canine friends--Cowboy and Gage--and Becca played with them happily, especially rough-housing with Cowboy.  Immediately afterward Becca began limping badly.  She could hardly stand to put any weight on her right front leg.  I inspected her leg thoroughly and could find nothing.  It was so bad, however, we were forced to abort our mountain trip to return to Las Cruces.  Our wonderful vet, Dr. Amber Thompson at Arroyo Veterinary Clinic, took Becca in on an emergency basis, examined her carefully, took several X-rays (I helped with the procedure, donning a lead vest and thyroid protector), and diagnosed our favorite canine with a severely sprained elbow.  She prescribed Rimadyl, recommended icing Becca's leg, and pronounced her out of commission for hikes for 10 long days.  Becca is going to be a very unhappy camper!

I'm not sure what this beauty is

It has some Robin characteristics, but it's not

Down the Bridal Veil Falls Trail

Footbridge over the creek

This morning's big wind may be the impetus needed

Headed down canyon

This looks like the same type of bird in the earlier pics

Further along the Bridal Veil

A very happy Becca

Headed down a steep descent

Interesting grass pattern

Becca, Packrat and an enormous Cholla

Dr. K near the giant Cholla

Rainbow Hedgehog Cactus

Thistle be the day

Huge Soaptree Yucca alongside the trail

View up Haynes Canyon

In the Sacramento Mountains

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

Fortunately the homebound Becca will be back to normal in a bit and will be able to do what she loves most--hiking with Packrat.

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