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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Frosty Start

Not thick enough to scrape
It was 22 degrees Fahrenheit when Becca and I hit the trail west of Tortugas Mountain at about 7:30 this morning.  There was only one other vehicle in the Sunset Area parking lot.  It felt pretty cold in the desert this morning, but, fortunately, there wasn't any wind to make conditions worse.  We had a nice moderately-long trek west of the mountain, running into nobody in the outback.  When we returned to the car there were only three other vehicles parked nearby.  Not surprisingly people were waiting for the day to warm up before venturing outside.
You'd never know it's ten degrees below freezing out here

One trail up Tortugas Mountain


Loop trail west of the mountain

Florida Mountains near Deming, New Mexico (60 miles from here)

Allthorn's silhouette


In the high foothills

Things not to touch in the desert

Something moved over yonder

Something else not to touch in the desert

Eat at your own peril

Catching some rays in the Chihuahuan Desert

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

Your captions are funny today, Packrat, especially the one called "Something Not To Eat."

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