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Friday, September 14, 2012

Another Cool Day

The only decent shot I could get of a Scott's Oriole in our backyard
I actually wore a long-sleeve shirt on our hike this morning; it was a pretty chilly start to the day.  The cool weather was invigorating, though, and the Beckster and I did an extra-long hike.  We had the good fortune to see a lone Mule Deer scaling the west face of Tortugas Mountain.  Becca saw it way before I did.  At one point I even stood behind her to see if I could discern what she was looking at.  Later, I managed to spot the deer, too.  The telephoto shot of the magnificent creature makes viewing much easier.
Sunny, but cool start

If Becca hadn't spotted this Mule Deer I'd never have seen it

See what I mean about spotting the deer?


The Organs from Ocotillo Prison


Scott said...

Sorry; even enlarged, I couldn't discern the deer.

Scott's Oriole--a would-be life-lister for me!

Dr. K said...

I couldn't see that deer either--such good camouflage.

packrat said...

The Mule Deer is right over the shortest blurry Ocotillo wand in the foreground, Scott.

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