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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Long, Chilly Hike

Straight up Tortugas's west slope
A cold front blew in last night, and for the first time this season I actually felt chilly on the trail.  I could have used a jacket, but didn't bring one along.  That was okay because I didn't mind feeling chilly after a long, hot summer.  The day was pretty dynamic, with blustery wind, clouds rolling in and out, and the chance for rain in the offing.  Fortunately, we completed a long hike without precipitation; good thing, too, because it would have chilled us to the bone.
Dona Ana Mountains

In the high foothills

Up the trail we came down

Lovely desert light

Looking south toward Bishops Cap and the Franklin Mountains

Birdbill Dayflowers

Sunlight showering down

Becca, Tortugas and the Organs

A raptor soaring in the wind

City of the Crosses


Scott said...

I've got REALLY weedy dayflowers everywhere in my garden, but they're nowhere near as attractive as your deep desert sky-blue variety.

Dr. K said...

Those dayflowers are beautiful.

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