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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sunny and Cool

Starting out early
Becca and I ran into only one other person out at Tortugas Mountain this morning, a mountain biker who we see quite often.  He seems to like nothing better than to get onto the single-track trails early.  I've never tried mountain biking, but I think I'd like it.  However, Becca is pretty much afraid of mountain bikes, so I'm not sure how I'd explain my participation in the activity to her.
Sun breaking over the mountain

Where's that light coming from?


Dr. K said...

I'm glad most of the ocotillo are still green.

Scott said...

Personally, I'm opposed to bicycles in natural areas, but my prejudice may be informed by the havoc that bicycle tires cause in Eastern forest soils. They churn up the soils, cause incredible ruts and mud wallows, and promote erosion. It may be far different on the soils around Tortugas, which look solid and dry from your images, Packrat. So, maybe bicycles are alright under such conditions, but I don't want (or allow) them in my woods.

packrat said...

I hear what you're saying, Scott. The area here where mountain bikers ride is quite hard and dry, in part owing to the countless vehicles that have driven these roads over the course of many years. The desert soil is quite fragile, however, and riding off trail or off road is strongly discouraged. Doesn't stop some idiots from doing it, though.

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