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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Trading Places

The distant red circle denotes the spot where the trail heads south
I'm not sure why I thought it might be interesting to mark positions on these images to try to portray a sense of the distances we travel on our treks.  The markers don't really translate well in this format.  I've used GoogleEarth in the past with some limited success.  At any rate, there were lots of outdoor enthusiasts on the mountain this  morning, but we were fortunate not to have direct contact with any.  Nevertheless, the desert experience is always better with the fewest number of people around.  What a misanthrope, huh?
Closeup of the red circle

Becca stands nearly at the red circle point
Looking back on the high foothills trail where photo # 1 was taken

These Ocotillos are 12- to 15-feet high


Dr. K said...

I like how you're showing the distance here.

Caroline said...

That's quite a distance!

packrat said...

You could handle it, Caroline, gimpy ankle and all.


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