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Friday, September 28, 2012

Let's Talk Turkey

It's always a treat to be able to look out your window and see Wild Turkeys having an early dinner in your yard.  They were eating in the rain, cautiously monitoring my movements as I snapped photographs of them.  What beautiful birds.


Dr. K said...

They seemed very curious about us. Beautiful creatures!

Scott said...

They are beautiful, aren't they, especially when the sun glints off their metallic copper feathers. They are definitely a "tourist attraction" here at my preserve; if people don't see them, they inevitably ask where they are. (Fortunately, because we feed them generously, they're around most of the time.)

Different topic, Packrat. I'm teaching graduate students this term, and one of them hails from Las Cruces. I told her that I had been considering southern New Mexico for retirement, but that "someone" had discouraged me from thinking about Las Cruces. (Just teasing.) She pooh-poohed the idea that retirees shouldn't consider Las Cruces. (Don't worry--Kali and I bought a house in Colorado.)

packrat said...

I know you're kidding, Scott, but you and Kali would have been welcomed. Maybe when you two get out here we can all meet up at a midway point.

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