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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Rainy Desert Day

We had a huge storm last night that made one of our skylights leak.  That's always fun.  It was still raining in the morning, so Becca and I couldn't get out for an early hike.  In fact, we had to wait until 1:00 to head for Tortugas, and even then we got wet.  It's been raining all day--a much-needed slow, steady soaking.  It was supposed to clear around 3:00, but it's still coming down in the late afternoon.


Dr. K said...

Feels more like Portland than Las Cruces.

Scott said...

We had a hot (mid-80s), very humid, and windy day today (Saturday), Packrat. Then, about 4:00 p.m.,when Kali and I had finished our weekend errands, we decided to take a walk despite the pretty miserable conditions. As we were cresting the hill near our house, it was clear that the stormy weather forecast for the East Coast would be upon us momentarily. So, I took a bunch of storm-clouds-over-the-meadows pictures (watch for upcoming post) and we hightailed it back to the house, just in time to avoid a drenching downpour.

We're not going to get the big storms that erupted near NYC, but it looks like it will be raining steadily until about midnight Sunday morning.

packrat said...

I'll be looking forward to those photos, Scott.

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