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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Peeps on the Mountain

Slope of the earth or tilted camera?
Two women hikers ahead of us n the foothills
There were quite a few hikers on the mountain today, and we crossed paths with two women who barely noticed us because they were engrossed in discussion and two elderly men who looked as if they were struggling a bit with the strenuousness of the rugged foothills trail.  One man cheerily yelled a morning greeting, though, so I assumed they were okay.  I'm predicting a possible rain shower later this afternoon based on the high dewpoint (60 degrees) and our predicted high temp, 94 F.
Into the sunlight

Much-needed break

The long and winding road

Noble hound pose

Shadows come and go

Dirt road into the city


Dr. K said...

"Dirt Road into the City" would make a good painting.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful hues of blue in those pics.

(I'll have to wait awhile before I visit again - the snakes and gunfire gave me another grey hair. Watch out!!!)

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