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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Change in the Weather

We were 105 Fahrenheit yesterday, and in the late afternoon/early evening we got a brief shower accompanied by very strong winds.  The high pressure zone parked over northern New Mexico began to move east, allowing a flow of humid Gulf of Mexico air into the Southwest.  This morning when Becca and I set off for the mountain it was 80 F with a dewpoint of 54 degrees.  The only thing saving us from broiling was a strong steady wind that allowed for maximum evaporative cooling.


Scott said...

Becca looks pretty bedraggled in the second image.

We had an incredible 15 minute downpour this morning (Thursday) (that caused a rain delay for the U.S. Open, taking place about 10 miles west of us). The sky got inky black, then almost green, and then the heavens opened up for a quarter hour. Now, this afternoon, we've got overcast with occasional breaks of sun (and the Open is in play again, as I understand). I couldn't care less about golf, but the Philadelphia area is besieged with endless, inescapable news coverage about the U.S. Open, so it's on my radar, too--plus, half my board members are avid golfers.

Dr. K said...

Let's hope we get some of that rain our way.

packrat said...

Brother could we use some of that rain, Scott.

I was on the golf team in high school, and I played a while after that; but I haven't been on the links in decades. I still like to watch the pros play. I went with my brother once to the Phoenix Open in Scottsdale. You really can't imagine how good those players are until you see them in person. What was it Mark Twain purportedly said about the game--"Golf is a good walk spoiled"?

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