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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Smoky and Dry

Smokey haze over the Franklin Mountains near El Paso, Texas
The wind is still coming in from the northwest, carrying smoke from the Silver Fire in the Gila National Forest.  Only 20% of the blaze is contained as of this writing.  Health experts are warning people in our area who suffer from respiratory illnesses to stay indoors, preferably in places with refrigerated cooling.  Evaporative cooling draws outdoor air inside so is not ideal when smoky conditions prevail.  I didn't feel the effects of the smoke on my hike with Becca this morning, but yesterday afternoon I definitely had a burning throat from the smoky pollution.

Smoke over the Organ Mountains near Las Cruces, New Mexico

Haze partially obscures the Organ Mountains

Heading down the dusty road

Taking a break on the Crosscut Trail

Up an arroyo west of Tortugas Mountain

Smokey pall hanging over Las Cruces and the Mesilla Valley

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